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How To Get Free Spotify Premium: How To Get Free Spotify Premium On An Android Device Without Rooting

When it comes to knowing how to get free Spotify premium on your Android device with no root, it is quite similar to getting free Spotify premium on an iOS device without jailbreak. Getting free Spotify premium on an Android device without rooting is much more accessible and straightforward. You can directly download the Spotify premium apk on your Android device without much hassle. The entire process from start to finish, for downloading the Spotify premium apk on an Android device can be quickly done in a few simple steps.

While searching for the Spotify premium apk on how to get free premium spotify, you need to remember that you won’t find the apk in Google Play Store. You have to use the browser that you have on your Android device to search for the official website to download the Spotify premium apk. Before you start searching and downloading the Spotify premium apk, make sure that you uninstall the official Spotify app from your Android device. To begin with the downloading process, all you have to do is open a browser that you usually use to download the apk. To generate added details on how to get free spotify premium please visit

After opening the browser, navigate through the browser, and search for the Spotify premium apk on how to get free Spotify premium free for Android devices. Once the apk has been successfully downloaded, go to the settings of your Android device. After opening the settings on your Android device, navigate it, and press on the allow button from ‘Unknown sources.’ Once downloading and installing from unknown sources has been enabled on your Android device, unzip the apk file with the name file to install it.

Thus, once the downloading and installation process is completed on how to get free Spotify premium, open it. After opening the app, you need to sign with your free account on Spotify. Once you have successfully signed in to your free Spotify account, you will get almost all the Spotify premium features. Thus, even have not subscribed to the Spotify premium features, you will feel as though you are using the premium feature form your free Spotify account. Although getting a free Spotify premium by using modified apk is not legal, but it can be an excellent way to experience the premium version without paying any subscription fees.

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